You are able to make a personal injury claim when another is at fault and liable for your accident. In some circumstances, these can be people we know and are even related to. 

Making a claim against a stranger or a business for their negligence doesn’t tend to come with feelings of guilt, because their actions or lack of have resulted in your accident or injuries. Whereas, when claiming against someone you know can be a much more difficult situation to navigate. 


Is making a claim considered disloyal?


An accident or injury could have occurred at work and could have been due to the business’s policies or because of the actions of someone in the business. But either way, making a claim against a family business can feel awkward, and could even deter you from going ahead with making a claim. 

However, no matter the circumstances, the whole process of making the claim does not need to involve feelings of guilt, or discomfort. 


Discussing the situation 


As a result of the accident, and in turn the injuries you sustained, you may need to take time off work to recover, and you may not even be able to return to work. This time could be stressful, and in addition to having time off work, there may be other expenses that you incur that you would not have done if you did not have the accident. For example, travel expenses to and from the hospital, extra care, and extra help e.g. cleaning services. 

The persons responsible for the accident are probably feeling a sense of guilt, and an open and honest conversation about the situation will help both parties to feel more comfortable. By explaining how making a claim and the consequent compensation will help you to move forward, they can understand that the claim isn’t ‘personal’ but about you receiving help to return to the position you were in before the accident happened. 


Who would pay the compensation you receive?


In most circumstances, the compensation will be paid by the insurance company, rather than the persons who caused the accident. However, this is dependent on the circumstances of the accident, and in some cases, claims can be more complex. 


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