Buying a property isn’t as straightforward as buying a sofa or even a holiday. The process can take weeks and months whilst various tasks have to be completed, checked off and these tend to follow a specific order. Meaning that any delays can affect the next stage. However, every house purchase has a completion day!

Conveyancing is complete, solicitors have exchanged contracts and payments have been transferred. But many people, especially if they’re first-time buyers, don’t know what to expect on completion day. 


What is completion day?


Legally, completion day is when the buyer becomes the owner of the house, and the sale is complete. It is the last step in the process and means the seller must move out and the buyer has the keys to the property. 


When is completion day?


Completion day is normally around 7-28 days after the exchange of contracts, and an agreed date by the seller and the buyer. Normally, completion days are midweek days. As banks and solicitors are open, meaning the final steps can be complete and you can also pick up the keys to your new home from the estate agent. 


What happens on completion day?


Most of what happens on completion day are work for the solicitor/ conveyancer to handle. They confirm the transaction, make payments, complete all the required paperwork, and sign off statements. 


  1. Once the buyer’s solicitors are happy that the mortgage conditions have been met, they request the money from the lender (who your mortgage is from)
  2. When completion statements have been completed, and invoices paid. The remaining balance (as 10% deposit is normally paid) is transferred to the seller
  3. Once the seller’s solicitors have confirmed they have received the money, they will confirm completion and the keys will be given to the estate agent
  4. The buyer will then be notified of the completion, and they can pick up the keys from the estate agent


Tips for avoiding delays on completion day 


  • Transfer your completion monies the day before completion (balance of the purchase price less the deposit and mortgage, stamp duty, land registration fee, solicitors legal fees, and any other costs)  
  • Request for your solicitor to request the mortgage funds the day before completion 
  • Be ready to collect the keys from the estate agent (all keys to doors, windows, gates, shed
  • Once you have the keys, do a thorough inspection on the property ensuring all the seller’s belongings have been removed, and that everything that was stated that would be left has been 
  • Take meter readings, contact the utility providers and change the account details 


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