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Supporting Young And Aspiring Athletes

Beeston Shenton’s Sports department have cultivated an incredibly strong base of knowledge, contacts and expertise in the sports industry. We’re here to ensure you receive all the legal support and advice necessary to allow you to focus on your objectives, without the distraction of legal issues. We’re dedicated to building strong, long-term relationships with our clients and providing them with free access to all the information they need through our online blogs and articles, and the regular seminars we host on sports and legal issues.

Industry-Leading Sports Law Services

As one of the leading UK sports legal teams, Beeston Shenton is proud to offer professional legal advice and services to athletes both at home and abroad. With an unrivalled depth of understanding in the sports industry and a strong reputation for exceptional care, we’re here to ensure you reach your full athletic potential. We provide a wealth of knowledge, coupled with a highly professional yet personal approach. Our legal team are fully versed in all aspects of sports law and here to assist you with everything from contract negotiation and personal endorsements to relocation and crisis management.

Your Dedicated Sports Team

Many of our team have held senior sports roles as directors, trustees, arbitrators, in-house counsel or are former professional athletes. The team is often invited to speak at conferences, lectures and events. Headed up by Russell Dutton, a keen sportsman and sports fan with 30 years of experience in the legal profession, the team has represented clients in numerous legal matters, including Court of Appeal court precedence. Russell joined Beeston Shenton with extensive business experience, having run his own legal practice and previously been a partner at Beswicks. He’s now pouring all his talent and expertise into further development of our sports division and is available to support and mentor clients both on and off the field. The team are proud to represent a wide range of sportspeople, both male and female, and have had the privilege of representing several high profile sporting stars including Robert Green and Tomasz Kuszczak.

We’re Well Connected

As one of only a handful of genuinely international UK-based sports legal teams, Beeston Shenton has access to an unrivaled network of contacts. Our connections include local and national football clubs at all levels, and we’re working with various companies to ensure we provide all the necessary services for both professional athletes and upcoming amateur talent. Our work takes us across the country and around the world to work with players from a range of sporting professions. Our wide-ranging panel of introducers and former professionals include world champions.

Our Sports Legal Services For Players, Managers & Coaches

Our number one priority is meeting the needs of our professional sporting clients. Our services cover all the legal bases relating to a vast range of sports law. We’re dedicated to ensuring our clients have nothing to worry about relating to the world of sports beyond their next race, match or event. We’re ready and waiting to offer an effective and efficient range of services tailored to match your personal circumstances, as well as represent coaches and managers in football as they seek new employment or their next exciting opportunity.

With the ability to act for all sporting professionals, no matter their field, our team have extensive experience in drafting contracts for all types of deals. We are fully involved in all contractual negotiations from the outset to ensure you are given the highest form of protection and awarded the best possible deal.

Sponsorship and endorsement deals are an important aspect of the careers of many sports players. We are able to negotiate and produce all the necessary legal paperwork to ensure the most competitive terms. Where possible we will always try to supply clients with equipment using our contacts with British sporting suppliers.

Moving clubs can be a complicated process. We’re here to ease all the personal pressures of moving house by finding properties, doing viewings, and organising removals – and that’s just the beginning.

We work closely with a firm of Independent Financial Advisors to ensure that our clients make the correct investment decisions for their future, from investment planning to efficient tax planning.

Managing media coverage of sensitive issues around client reputation, and working with a specialist legal team, we provide protection from media intrusion.

With the expansion of social media, clients can utilise these platforms to present their image. We aim to create a positive profile for our clients through proactive media management.

We can assist in maximising revenues for our Sporting clients through the media including social media posts, book deals, interviews, TV appearances and more.

We’re Dedicated To Giving Back

We’re not just invested in aiding the athletic stars of the present, we’re also looking to the future and supporting the youth of today to ensure they have the best chance possible. Our aim is to support as many children with life-threatening illnesses as possible through our charity work. We’re also encouraging rising prodigies in the sporting world and currently sponsor Ella Pemberton, a 1st team Stoke Women’s Footballer.

Our Sports Legal Services For Clubs

The team here at Beeston Shenton Sport is fuelled by their own passion for sport coupled with years of both business and legal expertise. Having already represented high profile international sporting clients in both contractual and commercial matters to great satisfaction, we promise to continue building on this success with you. Our professional but personal service is here to support clubs as well as players and managers, ensuring you always have the support needed and a law team that makes you feel valued.

Sponsorship deals represent a substantial part of any club’s revenue. Our team can negotiate new deals or renegotiate terms of existing contracts to achieve maximum sponsorship revenue for your club.

We’re highly experienced in negotiating contracts for the provision or termination of player services, ensuring you always make the most of your team.

Our sports team are here to help arrange corporate events for clubs to create additional streams of revenue and build your profile.

With our help you can make the most of every season, as we arrange lucrative pre and post season matches for your club both in the UK and abroad.

Our extensive network in the sports, business and legal industries allows us to provide a wide range of after dinner speakers from ex-footballers and managers to cricketers and boxers.

When it comes to event planning we’re here to help you manage all those fine details. Whatever your event, big or small, our team can help with venues, catering, and entertainment, including the booking of artists and stars.

Working alongside our clients and their clubs, we are able to create a number of media and charity initiatives to increase client income, marketability and career prospects.

Our priority is making sure that our clients can prioritise their sport while we are maximising their potential. Our connects in the world of TV, newspapers, magazines and internet journalists allows us to develop a professional profile for each of our clients.

Beeston Shenton Sports Law has relationships with all major kit and boot manufacturers and are ideally positioned to negotiate the best endorsements and sponsorship. From sportswear deals to being the “face” of a game, we can source a variety of opportunities that will increase a  players’ profiles and income.

Our Latest Thoughts On Sports Law…

Our team of experts have cultivated a deep understanding of the sports industry and all the legalities that come with it. You can relax and focus on your career, safe in the knowledge that you have specialists in your corner, fully versed in every aspect of sports law. You can read up on all our latest insights…

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