We are very pleased to welcome Jennifer O’Brien, who is joining us as Head of Personal Injury. Jennifer has exceptional industry experience and joins us from a firm in Manchester.

Now Jennifer has started to settle in, we asked her a few questions about what her plans are for growing the team and what skill set she’s excited to bring to the Beeston Shenton family.


What was it that attracted you to this role at Beeston Shenton? And what is it that made you feel like this role would be perfect for you? 

They have an excellent reputation within the community. Plus I felt such a welcoming appeal when exploring their website. This positive and friendly approach was reinforced when I met with Paul and Russell. 

I was also keen to work closer to home. Meaning no more lengthy commutes, that I had been enduring for over a decade. 

Beeston Shenton has such a close relationship with the local community. I want to provide a fantastic legal service to the people of Stoke-on-Trent, which would prove rewarding for me, but more importantly, beneficial for the local community. 

With over 12-years of personal injury experience and a history of achieving excellent results for clients, I felt ready for a new challenge. Opening up a department has been such an exciting venture. I am eager to be involved in all the aspects of running a department and enthusiastic to learn new skills.


Tell us about your career so far.

I started working at Tranter Cleere and Company Solicitors in 2008 as a trainee solicitor. A year later, I qualified as a solicitor. I worked there for 12 years, taking on a wide range of personal injury cases – including low-value fast-track matters and high-value multi-track cases. The majority of my work has been road traffic, public liability, and employers liability cases. I have always represented the claimant.


What are some key successes from your career? And how will these help you in your new role at Beeston Shenton? 

I have helped hundreds of clients over the years. Some were very high-value cases. In one case, I obtained over £500,000 for a client who injured her back in a road traffic accident, meaning she couldn’t return to work. I obtained a similar sum of money for another client who injured his shoulder at work. This injury left him with permanent symptoms, which affected his daily life. 

At my previous firm, I repeatedly excelled in my yearly billing targets, outperforming all other fees earners. This experience of exceeding expectations will enable me to grow a profitable personal injury department. 

I have successfully managed a caseload of up to 250 files, whilst being able to provide an excellent level of service to each individual client. I have a great ability to work under pressure and multi-task. This will ensure a smooth-running department, and great service for clients. 


What excites you most about this industry? 

I have always enjoyed the fast-paced nature of the law which is ever-changing. This also applies to personal injury, as each case can present new challenges which I must overcome. I am constantly learning and therefore becoming a better solicitor. It’s also very satisfying to achieve a settlement for a client. Especially within personal injury, as they have already suffered so much. 


What strengths do you bring to the Beeston Shenton team?

Definitely empathy. I have to understand each client’s individual situation. In this role, I meet people who may have experienced the worst thing in their lives. I make time and listen to the client, but also their families and those closest to them. 

Being able to communicate effectively is very important, and something I excel in, for building relationships within Beeston Shenton, but also working with clients. 

I am motivated to ensure Beeston Shenton prospers with its current practice and new ventures. I have plenty of ideas and a very proactive attitude towards anything I do. 


What values make Beeston Shenton attract the right clients? 

Beeston Shenton is a well-known and established law firm within Staffordshire and Cheshire. They have been offering legal advice to local people for years. 

They recognise that life is not always straightforward, providing support to the community when needed. Each client receives a tailored service, ensuring they are listened too. This ensures a professional and personal service every time. In turn, this means Beeston Shenton has a lot of returning and repeat clients. 

Specialising in many areas of law, including Family, Employment, Property and Wills, and Probate, Beeston Shenton is expanding through offering legal advice services in Personal Injury and Litigation. Clients recognise that a growing law firm, with a team of people who are keen to develop their skills and knowledge can only benefit them. 


What are your immediate steps in your new role? 

Research into the local law sector has proven enlightening. I have begun by familiarising myself with Beeston Shenton’s legal needs, strategy, and operations. I have ensured that all paperwork systems are organised and effective, so that our clients receive the best advice in the most efficient manner. 

We are actively promoting the new Personal Injury department via Signal 1 radio. It’s important to inform the public about this service, ensuring they know that we can offer legal advice to those who have sustained an injury after falling victim to negligence. 


Do you have any long-term goals for your role at Beeston Shenton?

I look forward to a long career at Beeston Shenton, making a valuable contribution to the company as a whole. My short and long-term goals for the department will facilitate growth and prosperity. I know that in time, I will have a successful, expanding team around me. 

I have very much enjoyed settling into work life at Beeston Shenton Solicitors. The whole team has been friendly, helpful, and welcoming and I cannot thank them enough for this.