We are very pleased to welcome Iain Bould, who is joining us as Head of Litigation. Iain has over 28 years of industry experience and is excited to grow his team at Beeston Shenton.

On his second day, we asked Iain a few questions about what his plans are for growing his team and what he’s bringing to the Beeston Shenton family.


Tell us why you decided to join Beeston Shenton

I’ve known both Paul and Russell for the majority of my time in the profession and we have always got along very well. Beeston Shenton has always been a fantastic local solicitors with a fantastic name and reputation, so when I was met with this great opportunity, I had to accept it. Becoming Head of Litigation provides me with a new venture, and I am looking forward to growing the team and services offered. I’m originally from Newcastle, so working in my hometown was an added draw.


Tell us about your career so far

I have over 28 years experience of working in the industry, predominantly specialising in business to business debt recovery and insolvency. Having worked in private practice and in Industry, it gives me experience in many different areas.


How will key successes in your career help you in your new role as Head of Litigation?

Maintaining complete confidentiality is of the utmost importance, so I cannot discuss specifics. But, in many instances, I have recovered money against difficult debtors, some of which make it very challenging by hiding assets or avoiding proceedings. In one case, I got the full sum owed paid to my client plus interest and costs, the debtor who owed the money was intervened by its governing body shortly after I made the recovery and eventually closed down, had the client delayed in instructing me by even a short time then there was a real possibility they wouldn’t have been paid.

On another occasion, I attended a meeting with a professional services client who asked me to review their internal credit control processes and procedures. The client’s debtor days were on average 84 days when their target was 30. Together we mapped out and reworked their internal credit control procedure and rejigged the invoices. The following quarter, their debtors’ days dropped from 84 days to 43 days.

I see each client I help as a success. I get such satisfaction in recovering money owed, I always view the money as my own. Having this mindset means whenever I work for a client, they receive the highest level of determination.


What excites you most about this industry?

Simply put, getting results for clients. My determined approach means I aim to get the desired outcome, even against all odds. I have worked with clients and got results for them when previous advisors had failed. As the business world starts to reopen after the pandemic it is going to be even more essential that businesses have their credit control and debt recovery processes reviewed and prepared to ensure that they are at the front of the queue when it comes to being paid. 

Businesses are often concerned that by taking a proactive stance with debtors can result in a failing of the relationship. In my experience, it is not the case but I ask clients who say this that is that the relationship they want anyway and the resounding answer is always NO!


What strengths do you bring to the Beeston Shenton team?

In a personal sense, I am very approachable, and consider myself a good judge of character. I can quickly understand my client’s wants and needs, but more importantly them as a person. When in the role I am in, it’s important to truly understand the client’s wants and needs and communicate with them effectively. I would also say I’m plain-talking, however sometimes this can be seen as a negative characteristic, but if I’m one thing, I’m honest.

In a professional sense, I am and will always aim to get the best possible outcome for my client. Also, I have a very strong following, and clients are already transferring to Beeston Shenton, as I have built such strong professional relationships.


What values make Beeston Shenton attract the right clients?

It’s the understanding Beeston Shenton has of its clients. I love our tagline ‘Because life happens’. Solicitors’ services aren’t something people look for unless they need us, and we want to make it as positive an experience for them as possible. Beeston Shenton has family values at the core. We are local, community solicitors, who pride ourselves on old-fashioned values, whilst having a strong commercial approach.


What are your immediate steps in your new role?

Currently, I’m welcoming clients who have followed me to Beeston Shenton. I’ve hit the ground running, with networking events, building the caseload for the department, and getting our name out there. Litigation hasn’t always been offered at Beeston Shenton, but over the years the firm has grown, and so have the services we offer.


Do you have any long-term goals for your role at Beeston Shenton?

Ultimately, it’s all about growing a successful team. Having the resources, infrastructure, and the right people and doing the best for the clients when they need us.