Understanding the intricacies of law can be challenging and overwhelming. Our team here at Beeston Shenton have many years of experience in different areas of law including personal injury, property law and wills and probate. This knowledge has been gained over many years and everyone has had to start somewhere – which is why we are happy to host work experience for high school students. Helping the younger generation gain an interest in different areas of law encourages them to pursue it as a career later in life.

Recently, we hosted some work experience with a student to give them an insight into the role of a solicitor – daily tasks, client appointments and attending networking events. After their week at our offices, they described their experience with us.

1 week at Beeston Shenton

I spent 1 week at Beeston Shenton to complete my year 10 work experience.

During my time at Beeston Shenton, I was given lots of tasks to do within different departments, such as family law and wills and probate. Some of these jobs included drafting letters to clients, administrative tasks such as scanning and filing, and tasks given to me by solicitors, to observe their client appointments and put together court bundles. Further to this, I was thrilled to have been given the opportunity to attend a networking event during the week, which allowed me to see how businesses can form beneficial relationships with other companies.

I was also fortunate enough to sit in on a webinar presented by Dr Lesley King and John Bunker on the Residential Nil Rate Band. The webinar was something I found highly interesting, as it helped me to understand some of the specific tasks carried out by departments and allowed me to expand my knowledge of what I had already learnt throughout the week from various solicitors and staff members.

The best thing about working with the staff at Beeston Shenton has been watching experienced solicitors during appointments and seeing them carry out their daily tasks. This has given me great insight into how a legal firm is ran and what working in a business is really like. I have learned more about what being a solicitor entails and the work that goes into becoming one. This has given me the opportunity to explore if law, should I wish to pursue this career path.

I have really enjoyed my time here at Beeston Shenton and have loved getting to know some of the solicitors and other team members who I am grateful to for guiding me throughout the week. I would love to work here again!

Working for Us

If you’re considering a career as a solicitor, work experience is the best way to find out more about the role and if it’s the right career path for you. The team here at Beeston Shenton are happy to welcome those who like to complete their work experience with us! If you’re looking for a career in a solicitors’ office, we have a range of roles available to apply to today. Take a look at our Facebook page to view the latest vacancies. Contact us today to find out more about our services.