With an increased interest in sports and growing coverage within the media, there are various legal issues that solicitors need to be involved in. From understanding the sports industry and various regulations to protecting the rights of those partaking in numerous sports, it can get rather complicated. To help you understand what sports law is, here’s everything you need to know…

What Is Sports Law?

In basic terms, sports law is all about the current laws and regulations surrounding athletes and the sports that they are playing. It is ultimately the protection of the players and any involvement they may have inside and outside of their sport. This can include the rules they have to follow whilst playing at their current club or any sponsorships they may have.

There are currently five main types of sports law that each involved different issues and processes. This includes commercial contracts, intellectual property, sports-related injuries, policies and rules regarding establishing a sports club. Let’s have a look into them further…

Commercial Contracts

Commercial contracts are the contracts that athletes have which describe the current sporting codes and an athletes freedom to change to an opponent club. These kinds of contracts often have specific details about acceptable codes of conduct and what the consequences would be if there was a breach of a clause in the contract.

Intellectual Property

Often many athletes have sponsorship deals or endorsement with surrounding brands in their industry. It is important that contracts are also drawn between the sponsor and the athlete/s to ensure that key details are made clear. This could be the rights to any sponsored posts or the ownership of any pictures used on social media. 

Any Sports-Related Injuries

There are some sports that are more dangerous than others but it is important to understand that it is a significant type of sports law. If an athlete is injuried they may incur medical fees and a decrease in their income if they can no longer play or advertise products. In this case, it may be relevant to claim for compensation and look to solve any problems the injured athlete might be facing. 

Current Rules, Regulations And Policies

Policies are all to do with what the actual club or association hold as an organisation. For example, they may want to stop their athletes from promoting certain products or lifestyles. The club basically outlines what they expect from their athletes and the responsibility they have in representing their club. In many cases, this includes a social media policy or a drug and alcohol policy to showcase what the club expects from the athletes and the behaviour that is and isn’t expected. 

Establishing A Sports Club

Establishing a sports club can often involve sports law, as you will need to ensure that you have followed the set regulations that are necessary for your sport. These regulations are typically created by governing bodies. 

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