A very controversial topic, smart motorways have been in the headlines for years. But the rollout has been delayed due to safety concerns. 

There are miles of smart motorways across the UK, but many people are unsure of the rules and how to use them properly. 


What is a Smart Motorway?


A smart motorway is a stretch of motorway that aims to control traffic through various methods. They aim to increase the capacity of the motorways and reduce congestion. Designed to reduce the environmental impact, time, and cost involved to expand motorways and build additional lanes. 


These methods include:


  • Variable speed limits 
  • Usage of the hard shoulder as a driveable lane 
  • Red X lanes 
  • CCTV 
  • Sensors to monitor traffic 
  • Digital signage 
  • Speed restrictions and lane closures in the event of an accident 
  • Informative digital signage 


Advantages of Smart Motorways 


  • Consistency in the expected length of journey times 
  • Lower Co2 levels as vehicles maintain a more consistent speed rather than sitting in congestion 
  • Less congestion with traffic controlling measures means less stress and time for users of the smart motorways 
  • They are cost-effective, allowing for traffic to flow better, without the time & money needed to build an extra lane 
  • Less stress for users, which means happier journeys and safe journeys 


Disadvantages of Smart Motorways 


  • The distance between refuge areas is much longer than trial distances
  • Refuge areas offer limited space for vehicles getting back into moving traffic lanes 
  • The confusion surrounding the usage and rules of smart motorways means many can be caught out 
  • Usage of the hard shoulder can make it difficult for emergency vehicles to reach the scene of an accident
  • An emergency or accident in a live lane means can increase the risk of collision


Road Traffic Accidents (RTA’s) and making a claim 


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