For whatever reason, you need to sell your property, and the quicker the better. Maybe you’ve set your heart on your next home and don’t want to miss out, or you’re moving to a different area for work. We can help! Here’s some advice that will get your current home in tip top condition for sale and ensure a buyer falls in love with it enough to part with their hard-earned cash. Here’s everything you need to know about selling your house fast…

Curb Appeal

According to a recent report released by a leading UK mortgage provider the curb appeal of a property is important to 71% of homebuyers, so spending some time and money on making the most of your home’s frontage is well worth doing. If buyers have a drive round you want them to be impressed enough by the exterior that they want to view the interior. Get out the gardening gloves and pull out or treat those weeds, replace gravel, bark or paving slabs in poor condition. If you have some budget to spend invest in some greenery or flowers, remember the estate agent photos will show every tiny detail so think about the potential you saw in your home when you purchased it.

Give Guidance On Photography & Sales Copy

You are totally within your rights to give the agents selling your house guidance on the photography or the copy they write when listing the property online. You know your home and area better than that person, so be guided by them but ask to be more involved if you’re unhappy. Living walking distance from amenities or having a converted loft are all added selling points that need mentioning.

When you do get to the stage where people want to see the house continue this theme and make sure you are telling them as much about your neighbours and the area surrounding the house as this can sometimes be the tipping point for a sale.

Utilise The Senses

Keep things fresh and neutral in your home. If you can add a lick of paint in any tired looking spaces all the better but be careful not to depersonalise and take the house to an all white box, that isn’t appealing to anyone.

Make the space feel bigger and brighter by the use of mirrors and limit the use of clashing patterns on soft furnishings as they can be distracting for buyers. You need them to be able to imagine their own possessions in your space.

When you have viewings, playing on people’s senses is key to being memorable and appealing to them. Light candles to softly scent the house and add a comforting touch. Put flowers out around the home, which will also not only smell great but look like you care about your environment too. Bake some bread or cakes and pop a pot of coffee on to brew, these are items that smell inviting, and if your buyer feels welcome they will be able to imagine themselves entertaining and recreating that feeling.

Quick Wins

A few tips that are often overlooked are surefire ways to increase the likelihood of your property being snapped up.

Organise back to back viewings where you can. If a viewer leaves and bumps into someone else waiting to view after them it will increase the feeling of urgency which encourages buyers into making an offer.

When a property doesn’t belong to you it means we are more critical of it so sorting any minor cosmetic fixes is a no brainer. Fill the holes made by picture frames, adjust wonky shelves and repaint scratched radiators, it will all add up and make a real difference.

Clean and declutter the whole house! That doesn’t mean pile up your belongings, as that can often make your home look even worse, but a clean home for some reason feels more spacious. If you have pets or children who come with a lot of ‘stuff’ then invest in some storage or organisational systems to optimise your use of the space.

Once you sell your house, which we know you will after taking our advice, do get in touch with our specialist property team for any help processing the sale or your next purchase, we’d love to hear from you.