In these times of near bewildering choice and ever tightening budgets the desire to seek out the cheap or the easier option is almost overwhelming. This is understandable and when one is doing the weekly food shop, it is hard to argue against. However does the same hold true of legal advice?

When faced with the break down of a relationship or crisis in child care most will turn to the services of a family law solicitor, but how do you know that you are getting the right advice?

Is the cheapest always best?

Do you get the service you pay for?

Here’s our advice on exactly what you need to know to help you stay clear of cheap imitations…

Figuring Out What’s Best

A quick search on google reveals the explosion of web based “lawyers” offering the world and at bargain basement prices. They shower your eyes with bright colours and clever names and headline grabbing fixed fees, once in a lifetime offers.

Sometimes the reader can be drawn to the cheapest one off fee quoted, which means they often don’t see the asterisk at the bottom.  A quick glance at the small print at the very bottom of the page and in a different font to the title, tells us that the fee excludes VAT and court fees (including £550 currently for divorce). It’s not always a straightforward, simple fixed fee is it?  

Who is this superhuman lawyer who will be on call to deal with all your legal concerns 24 hours a day 365 days per year? Could it be that you are leaving your personal details with a call centre to which admin has been outsourced? A person you have never and will never meet who could quite literally be anywhere in the world.  Hardly the caring considered relationship you were promised. The bottom line, if something looks too good to be true, it probably is!

How To Avoid Cheap Imitations

Maybe you’re thinking exactly how you can avoid this situation and find a positive alternative? Beeston Shenton is an established company dedicated to providing the very best legal advice in North Staffordshire and South Cheshire.  A team of three expert family lawyers known for their tenacity, drive, and determination to secure the best possible outcome for each client supported by a phalanx of staff, each committed to the company and your goals.

Our team brings decades of experience in dealing with the most complex of family matters, be it financial or child law related.  Based in accessible modern offices you will always be dealing with a human and given a warm considerate welcome. That’s not to say we are stuck in the past, we bring all our qualities and abilities together to offer you the service your individual circumstances require. If you need any advice, speak to our team today