How much is my personal injury claim worth 


The process of making a personal injury claim for an individual is completely based on circumstances and individual injuries. That’s why no solicitor can give a concrete set amount as to how much a typical personal injury claim is for a specific injury. Cases vary, and therefore so do the amounts that individuals are awarded should their personal injury claim be successful. 


What can be claimed for? 


When making a personal injury claim, the below can be claimed for: 

  • The personal injury itself, which can include any loss of amenity or pain suffering 
  • Special damages (items of monetary loss) e.g. loss of earnings, future loss of earnings, travel expenses, case, and assistance received by friends and relatives 


Case by case basis 


Each person, and therefore, each case is unique. So it’s hard to state the exact amount a person could be paid from a successful Personal Injury claim. 


The personal injury payout depends on several factors including: 

  • the severity of injuries sustained
  • to what extent you will recover from them
  • whether you could return to work
  • your age
  • the impact any injuries have had on your quality of life
  • and whether ongoing care is needed 


General damages

General damages are any damages to the body but are also known as injuries. These can be physical or mental and need to be assessed by a professional. 

General damages are also dependent on the person who has been injured, their circumstances, and how they are expected to recover.


Things which will be considered:

  • Physical pain and suffering 
  • Mental anguish and psychological harm 
  • Temporary physical impairment 
  • Permanent disability or disfigurement 
  • Inability to lead what was considered before, a normal life 
  • Lifestyle, activities, and hobbies which were previously enjoyed, if now are unable to do so, this will be considered as affecting the previous abilities 
  • Loss of companionship, due to injury-related illnesses- now having difficulties to maintain and making new relationships 


How a claim amount is calculated 


The starting point in assessing this element of your claim will be the Judicial College Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases. JSB Guidelines are used as a rough guide when making a personal injury claim. These guidelines are aimed at creating more consistency in the assessment and award of damages or personal injuries. They simply set out how personal injury claims are calculated. However, past cases are also used as a reference to help advise on how much a claimant could be entitled to. 


Examples of some of the most common injuries and how much a claimant can expect to receive according to the most recent JSB Guidelines are below: 


Common injuries and approximate claim amounts according to JSB Guidelines

Please note these figures are used as guidance, alongside expert legal advice, and past cases as reference.


However, please note that these figures and guidelines are used as guidance, alongside our expert legal advice at Beeston Shenton Solicitors. The amount you will receive will depend on your own unique circumstances. The award is ultimately made based on the medical evidence and specialist reports of your injuries. 

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Special Damages 

These kinds of damages are easily quantifiable. Ensure you keep a record of any expenses you have incurred because of the injury, keeping receipts, which makes claiming them back easier. 

You are entitled to be compensated for all losses you have incurred because of the result of your injuries. 


These can include: 

  • Loss of earnings 
  • Medical expenses e.g. rehabilitation, assistance, and any future needs 
  • Care and assistance provided at expense of family and friends and relatives
  • Damage to any of your clothing and property 
  • Travel expenses
  • Insurances you may have lost 
  • Future losses e.g. inability to work, loss of employment, loss of promotion prospects, and loss of pension 


General Information for making a Personal Injury claim 


For the best chance of being successful in a personal injury claim, consider the below:

  • Be reasonable in actons before making a claim 
  • Ensure you keep a record of injuries, e.g. photos, medical notes 
  • Display that you have mitigated losses (aimed to keep losses suffered to a minimum) 

For personal injury cases where there have been injuries to internal organs, or injuries have resulted in death, please contact us. These circumstances require a more in-depth and personalised approach.

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  • All claims are valued on an individual basis 
  • Beeston Shenton uses JSB Guidelines to help value claims as well as case law