After taking part in the online divorce portal trial scheme, we are delighted to announce that it is now set to become mandatory. Here is how we will be able to develop our divorce and family law service offering as a result of the portal – making it easier for our clients to achieve the results they’re looking for in less time. 


Our experience 


Our Family Law team is full of experts, with years of experience. However, in 2020, Beeston Shenton was the only firm in this part of the North West that was invited to work on the divorce portal pilot scheme. Meaning our solicitors have an excellent understanding of the new portal, and how to utilize this. We also have team members, who are dedicated to working on the portal cases.


What does this mean?


The online divorce portal means that we are able to process divorce applications online now which can speed up the process for our clients. Our very own Eleanor Adams completed a divorce filing in a record-breaking 4 minutes a few months ago through the portal! Less than the time it takes to make a cup of tea. 


How does the online divorce portal work?


We will represent our client and fill in all the information. Becoming one step closer to fully digital, the process is much more streamlined and faster – 20 weeks time for processing the average divorce compared to the 60 weeks of paper forms. 


When will it become mandatory?


Firms are expected to complete digital applications now however if you are currently in the process through a paper application then the transition period runs to the 4th October 2022. Luckily Beeston Shenton was a part of the pilot process in the North West so most of our applications recently have been made using the portal and our team is used to the enhanced process. 


Contact Us 

For more information about the divorce portal, or the services our family law department provides, get in touch. Email us at or call us on 01782 662424