The cost of going to court is a daunting thought! With solicitors fees, court admin fees, and the uncertainty of if you are going to be victorious means that a court trip may not be the best option. However, if there is absolutely no way to avoid going to court then you can use this information to get a realistic sense of how much it will cost. 

To make matters more complicated, there is a range of different fees during the court trial process – from hearing to application fees. These then differ depending on the type of court you are going to and the type of case you are bringing. 


Popular case types and their court costs


Court cases vary in cost depending on the type of case you bring for hearing. Here are the most common types of cases and their typical costs:

  • Divorce: £593
  • Claiming money you’re owed: £35 – £10,000
  • Appeal a benefits decision: FREE
  • Apply for bankruptcy: £680
  • Apply for probate: FREE or £215 (depending on the value of the estate)


The variables of civil and family court fees


For the latest information on civil and family court fees please visit the Government website.

Claiming money in the civil court is variable depending on the amount of money you are owed. Going up in stages from £35 to £10,000 – there are also administrative costs and other costs associated like court orders and enforcement fees. 

Family court is also variable as no family is the same so the support needed by the court is bound to differ too! From separation fees to maintenance agreements, the court can support you if needed. 


What if I can’t afford court fees?


Court fees need to be paid at the time you file for the application. Non-payment will result in your case being delayed or dismissed. You can process your payment by bank transfer, card payment, or cheque. 

If you have little to no savings, are on low income, or receive certain benefits you may be able to qualify for support in funding for the court case. This is known as fee remission. 


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