Submitting a personal injury claim can be a stressful ordeal, especially when you don’t know if you’re going to win or not. Despite the no win no fee, there’s still time, energy, and effort you have to put into your claim. With lots of stages to a personal injury claim, it helps if you’re organised.

To heighten your chances of a successful claim, we’d advise following the below guidance…


  • As soon as possible, get medical attention 

By having documentation of your injuries as soon as they were caused, a medical history will provide factual evidence of injuries. These records can be used in your claim as evidence.


  • Get the accident reported 

As soon as possible, report the accident and injuries to the appropriate body. This again can be used as evidence when making a claim.


  • Gather evidence 

This can include photos (of the injuries and the area where the accident happened), witness statements, and contact details of these. If your accident happened because of a defect e.g. pothole, take measurements and photos of the affected area. Also if you can get witness statements regarding the affected area and how long it’s been in such a state. If possible, also obtain any CCTV evidence of the accident.


  • Write down everything you remember about the accident 

Having your own account of what happened at the time of the accident can help with referencing later down the line. It will also help you to stay consistent as memories can deteriorate over time, especially due to stress.


  • Keep a note of any care provided on behalf of family and friends 

Note down how long you needed help, and for what tasks, as this can help determine how much compensation you may be entitled to.


  • Keep all receipts of costs and expenses 

If you incurred extra expenses and costs because of your injury. This will help with your claim but also you could get compensation to cover these costs. E.g. taxis, loss of income


Dealing with Beeston Shenton when making a personal injury claim takes the stresses away from the already difficult situation. Some people may choose to deal with the insurance company directly, but this is where people miss out on compensation that they could have received by using a solicitor. Our personal injury experts will help you in every step of your claim, providing guidance, and support.

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