Buying a property abroad, whether as a second home or as a more permanent option, is a great adventure. However, language barriers and international differences, in laws and regulations may leave you feeling nervous when it comes to tying up the legal loose ends. 

If you have a long-standing relationship with a local solicitor, it would make sense that you’ll feel more comfortable with them continuing your legal affairs… But is it possible to still have your local solicitor look after you when you’re further afield?


Areas of expertise


Some conveyancers are able to offer services to clients wanting to move abroad. This depends on their network, knowledge, and ability to perform the legal duties required in the area of the world you are moving to. 

Common areas of expertise are focused around European countries like France and Spain. Both are popular areas when it comes to migrating abroad and it makes sense for solicitors to specialize in areas that have high demand. 


Benefits of choosing a native solicitor


If your current solicitor is unable to help you, they may be able to point you in the direction of a solicitor they know of in their network that specializes in a specific country. The benefits of this are that a native solicitor will be more nuanced and knowledgeable about the law in the country you are purchasing in. 


Steps to avoid problems


Get the right legal advice early and seek it from trusted experts. Your local solicitors will be able to offer advice and a sounding board to go over any documentation you get from a solicitor overseas if it helps to set your mind at ease. 

It pays to be organized upfront as it could save you lots of trips to the country at the end of the process when it is coming up to crunch time. Planning effectively will save you money and time. 

Discuss legal support from other overseas buyers you know to see if they have any recommendations or a solicitor they can put you in touch with that has helped them. 


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