Moving house is a very stressful time for the vast majority of people. Because of the number of people involved in the transaction chain and the small timescale that things have to be done by, it is understandable that there might be a delay in conveyancing.

Conveyancing Common Problems

There are a number of things that can cause a delay.  Some problems that may occur and some of the solutions are listed below:

Waiting for a mortgage offer

The majority of people require a mortgage to purchase a house, and it has become more difficult recently to secure borrowing from a building society or bank. There are a number of forms to complete and requirements to meet.

Solution: Try to make your mortgage application as soon as possible, once your offer has been accepted

Buying in a chain

If you are in a chain, then delays may occur. Not all transactions will progress at the same time. While your part of the chain may be straight forward. The next person or the person after may be having issues. A date may be agreed informally, but it is not binding until contracts are exchanged. Due to delays this date may have passed.

Solution:  Be patient and understand that this is one of those things that will be out of both your and our control.

Waiting for searches

Searches results are normally received quite quickly but on occasions the local search results can take a number of weeks to come through. This is often the case because the local council have a backlog.

Solution:  Provide search feeds as early as possible, so that there are no delays in making search applications.

Waiting for Enquiries

One of our jobs as a conveyancer is to investigate the legal title of the property in order to make sure there are no legal problems that may affect your new home. This means we will need to raise enquiries with the seller’s solicitor once they have checked all the contract paperwork. This process can take a few weeks depending on the complexities of any enquiries that may be raised.

Solution: We will keep you updated on the progress on your sale or purchase and will advise you once each stage and to reply to enquiries.