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Why You Need a Solicitor

We would always recommend seeking professional legal advice when considering going through the divorce process, as solicitors can offer you legal advice and help you to understand where you stand when separating from your partner. We will ensure that you’re not on your own throughout this process, and we’ll be there to help with any questions or uncertainties.

Divorce Solicitors You Can Trust

It is often a difficult process to get divorced as there are many steps throughout the journey. This process can cause emotional turmoil for those involved, which is why our reliable, trustworthy and supportive team at Beeston Shenton are here to guide you through. No matter what type of divorce process you’re about to go through, we would always recommend the advice of a solicitor to help you understand your rights and responsibilities during from the first step to the last. It’s beneficial to have valued and reliable solicitors by your side, so make sure to contact us today if you would like to find out how we can help you.

Divorces Impacting Families

It’s never easy to put your family through the divorce process, especially if children and pets are involved. Our part in this process will help you while you determine where your children and pets will live to prioritise their well-being and future. It’s important to note that most divorce cases have a smooth outcome, however, some can be more on the challenging, complicated and stressful side. On occasion, disputes between parents can occur and coming to decisions regarding the child or pet’s best interests can become difficult and confrontational.

To help you resolve disputes over children and pets, we can guide you through other options such as mediation, child arrangement orders, and court proceedings. Our team of professionals will ensure you come to a settled agreement so that both parties can move on and concentrate on the future.

Specialists in Legal Advice

It is always important that your rights are protected during the process of a divorce, especially since family and marital law can be complex to navigate. It’s important that the expert divorce solicitors you have by your side understand the various areas of the legislation around parties wanting to divorce.

Our team of experts will work with you to assess your unique set of circumstances surrounding your divorce requirements. To guide you, we have access to a variety of legal professionals who can help you make the best decisions possible throughout the process.

Financial Support

The final step of the divorce legalities is what’s called the final order, otherwise known as the Decree Absolute. This stage is what’s needed to officially dissolve the marriage, but this must be accompanied by a financial remedy in order to ensure you have financial certainty.

We would always recommend that you opt to employ the help of a solicitor for this stage, as the financial remedy order isn’t something that you can receive through the online divorce process. What’s called a ‘clean break’ financial settlement is essential at this point in the divorce process to ensure that neither party can make financial claims post-separation.

Legal Compliance

Along with the divorce process comes documents and deadlines, where our solicitors have the legal knowledge to ensure all requirements are met on time to prevent any delays or complications.

The professionals we have to offer at Beeston Shenton are also experienced with litigation, meaning that if you have a claim raised against you during the divorce process, you’ll have an experienced helping hand to guide you through your options. If this were to occur, you’d need to have legal representation as well as the correct paperwork to ensure you have everything you need to gain a fair outcome.

We want to ensure that what might at first seem like a complex process, feels like a controlled, well-managed and reliable process with the help of our experts.

Equitable Financial Settlement

The divorce process does not consider either party’s financial assets, spousal maintenance, or childcare arrangements. The advantage of having a solicitor by your side here is that we can advise you on how best to split your finances so that each of you receives a fair settlement, giving you a complete understanding of what exactly you are entitled to. In some cases, a party is entitled to legally claim part of the other party’s pension in order for them to afford their retirement.

Divorce Solicitors in Staffordshire & Cheshire

We understand that all types of divorce can be difficult for everyone involved, from No-Fault Divorces to mediations and court proceedings. We understand the frustrations behind divorce and have years of expertise to ensure you have trustworthy advice and maximum clarity and control throughout.

Our divorce solicitors are experienced in making this process as easy as possible with a wealth of knowledge to guide you through each step of the journey. By understanding the varied complexities of the law surrounding divorce, we can offer the most reliable advice and support from start to finish.

If you’d like to get in touch with any questions or queries, please speak to our team of solicitors by giving us a call today. Via our contact page, you can also submit an online enquiry form or email us and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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