Iain Bould, our Head of Litigation, breaks down the routes to debt recovery


Pre-Action Collection

We will act fast to send a Letter Before Action “LBA” or Preaction protocol letter “PAP” (where applicable). 

All letters are tailored to your needs including the time for payment allowed under the letter. 

We will also discuss what course of action is suitable if they do not respond.


Court Proceedings

If there is no response to our LBA or PAP, we can prepare and send proceedings to court. 

If there is no response, we can apply for a judgment to be entered on your behalf and then advise you in respect of enforcement procedures.


Enforcement of Judgments

We will advise on the best method for you. 


  1. instructing a bailiff, 
  2. a charging order, 
  3. a third party debt order, 
  4. an attachment of earnings order.
  5. a statutory demand (Please see below)


Insolvency Processes


Statutory Demand – an initial step to issuing Bankruptcy or Winding Up proceedings


Bankruptcy – for debts over £5,000 bankruptcy proceedings can be extremely effective in recovering undisputed debts. This involves serving the debtor a statutory demand, then issuing a bankruptcy petition if they do not respond.


Winding Up – for debts over £750.00 winding up proceedings can be extremely effective in recovering undisputed debts. Before we start this, we usually send a letter demanding payment or statutory demand. If you don’t receive payment, we can then issue a winding-up petition 


Foreign Debt Collection – We can help you track down debt in Ireland, Scotland, and most of Europe.


How Beeston Shenton Can Help

We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in debt recovery steps to aid your business.

We provide a considered approach to speed up debt recovery collections whilst minimising customer conflict and reducing the risk to your business.  

Our service is tailored to match the individual needs of your business and pride ourselves in offering bespoke, cost-effective solutions to your debt recovery needs – from simply chasing late payers to legal proceedings including all county court and insolvency processes.  

We are totally dedicated to helping our clients improve cash flow and increase the profitability of their businesses and we use the latest in Debt Recovery software enabling us to process both pre-legal and legal collections promptly and efficiently.


About the author

Iain Bould

Iain Bould is the head of our Commercial Litigation department.

Iain has over 28 years of experience in Commercial Debt Recovery having worked in both Private Practice and Industry and brings a pragmatic and commercial approach to recovering debts. With extensive experience working across all industry sectors, Iain has particular expertise in working with Insolvency Practitioners in advising and recovering outstanding insolvent company ledgers.

If you need any advice or further information please contact Iain at iain.bould@beestonshenton.co.uk