Alison Sharland and Varsha Gohil have both been fighting ever since the beginning of their divorce proceedings, and much to their relief, the court has ruled in their favour.

Both Sharland and Gohil claimed that their ex-husbands had lied about their worth and made applications to revisit the orders for financial provision on the grounds that their previous agreement had been obtained by fraudulent non-disclosure. Sharland appealed to the Court of Appeal, however this was dismissed and so Sharland appealed to the Supreme Court.

Mrs Sharland accepted £10m in cash and properties and Mrs Gohil £270,000 plus a car over a decade ago. Both ex-husbands displayed evidence that they were worth more, following the conclusion of the divorce settlements.

After significant investigation, the court has now ruled in favour of both of the women. Mrs Sharland stated: “I hope that their decision sends out a message to everyone going through a divorce.”

Mrs Gohil added: “All spouses subject to deceit and deliberate financial skulduggery in a divorce owe a huge debt of gratitude to the tireless efforts of the legal team here today.”

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