Sports law involves a collection of various rules and regulations that can potentially impact the sports industry. These regulations are typically set for players and athletes, managers, and clubs, and it is important for them to be followed. 

We’ve recently added to our sports law department at our Newcastle office. It’s a very exciting time for us and we look forward to developing the Beeston Shenton team even further. The department will be headed by Russell Dutton, who brings a wealth of legal, managerial, and client-based experience after running his own company for the last 7 years, before its sale in 2016. As well as Russell Dutton, we have a team of introducers including coaches, former players and others well respected within sport generally.

We will also have the Vice President of Keele University’s Law School, Jade Wanden joining us this month. Jade is in the final year of her degree and will be helping us in the department through a weekly placement and liaising with clients and sports equipment suppliers for our players. 

We’re thrilled to expand our expert services in sports law and we’re looking forward to welcoming more new clients in the future. To help you understand what our niche department involves, here’s everything you need to know about our sports law services…

What Sports Law Services Do We Provide?

At Beeston Shenton, we offer a vast majority of sports law services relating to the world of sports players, managers, and clubs. We provide a professional service that is efficient and effective, ensuring that all of our clients are happy. 

Some of our services include…


If you’re looking to move clubs, you may then find it necessary to move house. We can support you in finding the best property in the area and ensure the process of moving in, is as smooth as possible.

Contract And Transfer Negotiations

We can support you in drafting up contracts for various deals to ensure that you have the best possible agreement. We offer this service to players, managers, and clubs. 

Personal Endorsements And Sports Sponsorships

Regardless of what sport you play, manage, or own, you may choose to look for some sponsorships or endorsements. We can produce the legal paperwork needed to ensure that you get the best possible deal and negotiation.

Financial Advice 

As an athlete or manager, it may be necessary to gain some financial legal advice. From investment planning to tax planning, we can guide you through everything you need to do.

Crisis And Reputation Management

We work with players to manage their reputation on social media and online ensuring that if necessary, we provide you with the protection from media intrusion. 

Event Planning And Management 

We also work with clubs to arrange corporate events as additional revenue including the organisation of pre and post-season matches and the attendance of special guests to events. We can support your club with the booking of venues, catering, and entertainment.  

We do also offer various commercial services such as creating multiple media and charity initiatives to increase our client’s income and career prospects. We will also go the extra mile to assist all of our clients with any problems they have. From booking holidays to finding you a new home, our excellent team also provide concierge services. 

Find A Sports Lawyer…

We provide only the highest standard of care for all of our clients, ensuring that we can help resolve any problems you may have. If you need any advice or support in sports law, simply get in touch today