Social media channels have taken the world by storm. The vast majority of us have a Facebook or Twitter account It has not only provided additional channels of communication but has also affected people’s purchasing habits in many ways. The internet is an easy way of seeking information, and social media has taken it one step further.

An increasing number of people rely on word of mouth and referrals, as well as participating in discussions on various blogs and forums, Since today’s consumer is quite well-informed thanks to the internet, marketers today are increasingly relying on alternate media channels to pursue customers online. Social Media and internet have revolutionized the home-buying process; there is no longer the need to go through the newspapers to look for properties, because property information is just a click away.

According to social media website, 94% of all home buyers start their search online and it includes joining various social networks to see what existing clients are talking about. Research also suggests that estate agents using social media are at a huge competitive advantage over those who aren’t.

Now the question is why would an estate agent want to establish an online presence to connect with the clients? The answer is fairly simple: Social media provides a platform to personally connect with your clients, build relationships, provides two-way communication and gives an insight into the client’s needs and preferences.

A website, on the other hand, does not provide the personalization factor although it provides the same amount of information but lacks in engagement and relationship building with the clients. Additionally, social media and social networks provide a platform to effectively manage and resolve client queries and issues. A number of property firms are now using social media as a preferred medium for customer service.

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