Whilst it is currently legal to buy an e-scooter in the UK, it is illegal to use a private e-scooter on public roads. 

However, this is set to change. The Government is set to introduce legislation to fully legalise the use of private e-scooters on public UK roads. This will be a part of the new transport bill which was announced in the Queen’s speech

The Queen’s speech stated that the Government will improve transport across the UK. With an aim of providing cleaner, safer services, with room for more innovation. Although there was no mention of e-scooters in the Queen’s speech, this legislation was confirmed to be included in the bill by Grant Shapps. 


The current laws on using e-scooters 


Only e-scooters rented through the approved Government trial scheme are legal to use on public roads. 

These scooters:

  • Must not exceed 15.5mph 
  • Must not exceed 55kg 
  • Must include lights 
  • Must include GPS technology (which prevents them from being used in prohibited areas)
  • Must be used by persons over the age of 16 
  • Must be used by persons who hold at least a provisional license


The new legislation on e-scooters 


The Government is set to legalise private e-scooters on public roads in the UK. This will mean creating a new vehicle category for ‘powered light transport vehicles’ and e-scooter will fall into this category. 

It is likely that the rules which are currently required for using rented e-scooters e.g. maximum speed and weight restrictions will be similar to those of privately owned e-scooters. As with rental e-scooters, it is also likely that privately owned e-scooters will only be permitted to be used on public roads and bike lanes. But usage on pavements is expected to remain prohibited. 

The legislation is due to be introduced in the coming months of 2022. 


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