Did you know that when you purchase a brand new home, your solicitor will have to do extra work when compared to a home that has already been bought and sold? It may surprise you, but a new build conveyancing solicitor will carry out lots of additional tasks to ensure that you are fully protected and your purchase is legally sound. Because of this, it’s important to choose the best. Here are our top tips…

1. Look For A Company Which Specialises In New Builds

Solicitor firms which specialise in new build property (or have a separate team that deals with new build property) are a great place to start. You’ll be confident that your solicitor is experienced, which is extremely important for new build conveyancing. There are a number of conveyancing processes that are different for new build properties, such as ensuring that appropriate planning permission has been granted, checking that roads are properly adapted and ensuring that there is a snagging provision in the contract. An experienced solicitor will be able to spot any potential problems, and sort them out prior to exchange.

2. You’ll Want An Efficient Team

The process for new build conveyancing is filled with time limits – for example, you will need to pay a reservation fee to the developer initially and this will protect your right to go ahead with the purchase for a certain period of time (usually 28 days). Completion usually takes place within 10 days after the developer has finished the work. Because of this, you will want a solicitor who is on the ball and moves quickly. How can you find out if they will be efficient? You can judge them when you first get in touch. You will want someone who responds quickly, and it’s a good sign if there are automated processes such as fee calculators.

 3. Communication Is Key

A great new build conveyancing solicitor will communicate regularly with both you and the developer, making sure that the process goes smoothly and that you know where you are up to. This is also really important in keeping the buying experience as stress-free as possible for you. At Beeston Shenton, we have an app which can be used to chat in real time with your conveyancer, making sure there are no barriers to communication. You can download it by searching for ‘Beeston Shenton’ on the app store.

4. When In Doubt, Phone A Friend

Reviews are one of the most useful tools for finding out about a company. This can include word of mouth reviews from family or friends, or online reviews. They will give you a glimpse into how the company works, whether their fees are reasonable and, importantly, whether they do a good job. Online reviews can be found on sites such as Review Solicitors.

5. Consider A Local New Build Conveyancing Solicitor

As the world has moved online, more and more jobs can be done from anywhere. However, there are significant benefits to using a local new build conveyancing solicitor. They are likely to have dealt with the developer before, so will have contacts for easier communication. They will know the quirks of the local area, such as environmental issues that could affect your new property. Alongside this, they will also be easier to get in touch with.

Beeston Shenton, based in Newcastle-under-Lyme and with meeting rooms in Sandbach and Knutsford, have been providing new build property conveyancing services for nearly 20 years. With a dedicated New Build Team, we are recognised as one of the major firms for developments in Staffordshire and Cheshire. Our team is looking forward to helping you get your brand new home. You can contact us today to get started.