Divorce is a difficult process, often with heightened emotions, and it is important at this time to ensure that you have the best lawyer on your side to get the best possible outcome. How can you make sure that a divorce lawyer is the right fit for you? 

Follow these simple steps and you’ll have the best chance of a great working relationship.

1. Make sure that they specialise in family law

Top of the list! There are so many different areas of law, and just because someone is trained as a lawyer doesn’t mean that they are knowledgeable about family law. You can usually find this information out from their website – look for a dedicated family law team. You should also look for panel memberships and accreditations, such as Resolution. This will tell you that they are up to date with all of the recent legal changes, committed to a Code of Practice and attend regular professional development sessions.

2. Read reviews or speak to friends and family

It is always a good idea to check up on other people’s experiences of the lawyers before going ahead. Online reviews are readily available, and people are sharing their experiences more and more. 

3. Think about the specialties of your particular case

Perhaps your divorce involves high-net-worth or children. Maybe there is a business involved. Look for a divorce lawyer who specialises in these particular areas – this will usually be listed on their website.

4. Build a relationship

A divorce can be a very difficult time, and it is important to have someone you feel you can talk to. Whilst your lawyer isn’t going to be a therapist, you may have to share some personal information about your relationship with them, and you need to feel comfortable doing that. When you first talk to the lawyer, discuss similar cases they have worked on and use the conversation as a chance to get to know them better. You should be able to get a feeling from this about whether you will work well together.

5. Find out the costs up front

This is really important. Make sure you know just how much you will be charged before agreeing to work with anybody. Some solicitors will charge an hourly rate, some will charge a fixed fee. It’s important that you know how much your fee will be so that you can budget accordingly.

6. Be clear about what you want

What do you want to achieve from the divorce? Make a plan, share it with your chosen lawyer as soon as possible and stick to it. This will ensure that everyone is working on the same page.

You will also need to make sure that anyone you choose is listed on the SRA register. This means that they are legally able to practice as a solicitor in the UK.

There are many things to consider when getting divorced, and having a good solicitor on your side makes a difficult situation easier.

If you want to discuss any aspect of your divorce case, the family law team at Beeston Shenton will be happy to help. Get in touch today.