2020 and 2021 were difficult years for everyone in business – and the law industry didn’t avoid facing issues, complications, and problems to overcome too! As a result, our processes have faced a complete overhaul, both for Beeston Shenton and the industry in general. 

Here’s a round-up of the latest trends we will see in litigation and the wider law sector:


Virtual proceedings


They’re here to stay! Due to new technologies, as well as maintaining safety during the pandemic, the virtual world is one we’ll be spending more time in. Even though we’ve all faced issues (technical problems probably the most common) they are quite efficient. With the courts busier than ever before, we’ve learned that there should be less time wasted! And where possible, remote proceedings can work just as well. 


Digital procedures 


Faster communications via digital platforms mean procedures are completed much faster. Just like our 4-minute divorce!


Data breach 


Law firms are pursuing claims for a loss of control of their client’s data following a data breach. Even if there is no financial loss or distress. However, it is predicted that the supreme court will decide that loss of control damages are not a form of damages recognised in law. 


Climate-related litigation 


Many claimants are seeking to use legal action to pressure governments, companies, and investors to take more action on the topic. With climate change-related disclosure remaining high on the regulatory agenda. 


Client experience 


Businesses are now more aware of the expectations clients have, and how this should be constant across all points of contact with the company. Processes are important to ensure scalability and a swift journey through the litigation process.


Flexible consultations 


Whether online or in-person many more law firms are now offering various options for ways to have meetings with clients. Moving away from the more traditional lawyer setting has also been great for developing better relationships!


Directors duties under watch 


Looking at the director’s duties, especially during the pandemic and claims for schemes that have been made fraudulently. 


Rise in insolvency 


There is expected to be an increase in insolvencies, as a result of the covid pandemic and that people are unable to pay their bills and remain financially afloat. However there is protection still in place for debtors, especially for commercial renters. 




Even though Brexit seemed to blend into the background, covid did take the limelight away from Brexit, but it for sure didn’t go away. The UK and EU agreed on the final trade and cooperation agreement (TCA) just days before the transition period ended. However, the EU’s decision on the UK’s accession to the Lugano Convention remains pending. There was an increase in pre-action claims rushing to file before the end of 2020. 




Cybercrime is on the rise, within every industry including the law sector. The move to hybrid working and working from home has seen more data shared via the cloud and other digital platforms. With this, there is potential for sensitive business and client data could be accessed via hacking. As a result, law firms have identified security as a priority, with many upping their cybersecurity measures to protect their clients and work. 


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