Most people who’ve had an injury want to know how much they could win before they make a claim, this is known as compensation.  Sometimes the extra hassle of involving lawyers can put people off if it’s not likely that they’ll win the big money. 

Many people use claim calculators to work out how much they could be entitled to but these aren’t overly accurate and can’t look at your case in the same level of detail as a personal injury specialist. 

You’ll also only be entitled to compensation that is rightfully owed to you and if the accident was in no way your fault. 


How is my compensation calculated? 

You’re entitled to compensation up to the amount that is rightfully owed to you taking into consideration your case and circumstances. For more information read our recent blog on what am I entitled to claim for after an accident? 

Once your solicitor has put together your case and presented it to the courts, it’s down to them to decide how much of the compensation you’re asking for you are actually entitled to. 


What will my solicitor charge me?

If you have made a personal injury claim and you win on a ‘no win no fee’ basis, the defendants or their insurer will pay your solicitor’s costs. 

If you do win, you may have to pay a ‘success fee’ of your solicitor, this is worked out as a percentage of the compensation amount and is never more than 25%. Please discuss this with your solicitor at the very beginning so you know what to expect. 


How payment is made

Normally when a case goes to court, a judgment will be made and the other side will be given approximately 21 days to make the payment however it can vary. 

Clients will normally instruct their solicitor that payments will be made into the solicitor’s client account, and once they have taken any service costs the money will then be forwarded onto the claimant.

This payment can include the compensation, but also any expenses incurred because of the injury for example medical fees and loss of earnings.


How Beeston Shenton can help

We’re always upfront and honest about the fees and costs that will be incurred before you choose to instruct us on your claim. But most importantly, we will honestly advise you on whether you have a chance of winning your claim and on what grounds. 

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