Getting divorced or separating from a partner is a difficult and often painful and bitter process even if you are the one who has initiated the split. There will be a lot of mixed emotions flowing during this time ranging from anger, relief and many in between. Occasionally it will become very confusing and you will not be able to think clearly. This is at a time when you are being expected to make important decisions and, if necessary, provide support for any children you may have.

Below is a list of things that you can do to help you clear your head and provide you with the support that you may need:

  • Keep in touch with close friends and speak to them often. Discuss with them the decisions that you have both made and are going to make; a neutral party may bring up things that you may not have thought of
  • See your local GP and find out what services that they are offering.
  • Find out about counselling or other therapeutic services that are
    offered locally. Sometimes having someone to talk to who does not know you or your family can be very liberating.
  • Check out on the internet or in your local library, some of the resources that are available to help people in your position – for example Resolution ( , One Plus One ( and Family Mediation Manchester Ltd ( to name a few.
  • Allow yourself to be upset and angry – these are very normal human reactions. But at the same time, start enjoying life again. Try to build some “me” time into your week.
  • Don’t do too much at once. Take the time to look after yourself. Listen to what you need.