Talking to a lawyer about an accident that has affected you physically and mentally can be tough. It becomes even more stressful when your injury prevents you from working and impacts your livelihood. Losing income can add extra pressure at an already worrying time, so we want to ease the burden and share how you can access help early on to relieve your concerns after an accident.

Thousands of people who have been injured seek legal advice to access the help and support they need and are entitled to. Often, this is a vital step on the road to recovery. 


The steps involved in the process: 

1: Report the accident to whoever you feel was responsible for the injury 

2: Get evidence- it’s so much easier when making a claim when you have lots of evidence. Note down times, dates, take witness names/ contacts, take photos of where the accident happened. 

3: Then seek medical advice- getting a report or note of the injury. Remember to keep receipts for any prescriptions and extra costs you incur because of the injury, this can include travel expenses 

4: Contact your lawyers for advice on how to proceed and to discuss your case. Our personal injury services are new for 2021, but Jennifer, our head of personal injury, has 12 years of experience in the sector. 


Early Interim Payments 

Once liability for the accident has been admitted, then you can apply for interim payments to help with any financial losses you have incurred.

Interim payments are a ‘part-payment’ and are paid before your final amount, however, this amount will be deducted from the final amount. These payments can help in the meantime, to cover costs like:

  • Loss of earnings 
  • Transport costs 
  • Medical treatment and prescriptions 
  • The difference between sick pay and your usual salary
  • Care services 
  • Domestic and cleaning services 
  • Any financial losses incurred because of your injury or any changes you’ve had to make because of your injury 


Access to expert medical attention 

With ever-increasing wait times on the NHS, accessing the medical attention you desperately need can feel impossible. In some cases too, you need expert advice, care, and treatment early to enable recovery and help with the standard of living. 

Having access to rehabilitation early is life-changing after your accident. We’re happy to arrange this for you to help you through the process of recovering and adapting to life after your injury. 

If you’ve recently had an accident or you’re struggling with a personal injury, get in touch today for a consultation with Jennifer here: