Separation can be an extremely stressful time, particularly when there are children involved. There will be many things to consider, from how to support your children and minimise any impact on them, to who they will live and when they will spend time with the other person, to how the children will be financially supported. A child support lawyer can help you with all of these things, but it’s extremely important to make sure that you choose the right one.

Do You Need A Child Support Lawyer?

A child support lawyer will be able to help you to reach a tailored and bespoke agreement setting out the level of maintenance for your child – often without the need to enlist the services of the Child Maintenance Service. If you have a lawyer for other elements of the separation, they will likely be able to support you with this too – but it’s vital that you choose wisely.

What To Look For In A Child Support Lawyer…

Here are the top 5 things you should look out for:

  1. Experience

It is vitally important that your lawyer has knowledge and experience of dealing with cases similar to yours. If you are unsure, look for someone who specialises in family law, and don’t be afraid to ask them about the types of cases they generally handle before engaging them.

  1. Availability

Separation can be very stressful, and that can be exacerbated by having a child support lawyer that you struggle to get hold of. Of course, lawyers can be very busy (and that is a good sign!) so you should be realistic about your expectations, but look for someone who always returns your calls and answers queries promptly.

  1. Understanding

You can be much more confident that your lawyer will act in your best interest if they are empathetic. The experience will be less painful if your lawyer recognises and understands the heightened emotions that you may have.

  1. Good Reviews

Of course, good reviews are always vital. You can search for reviews online (you will find reviews for solicitors on Google and Facebook), or ask people you know whether they have any recommendations. If someone else has had a good experience, you can be more confident that you will too.

  1. Reasonable Fees

With all of the other costs involved with separation, you don’t want to pay through the nose for a lawyer. Going for the cheapest could be a bad idea, too. The best thing to do is get several quotes so that you know you are not being ripped off, and weigh up those costs against the other points listed.

How To Find A Child Support Lawyer

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