If you are planning to purchase a property, you will know what a huge investment – both in terms of time and money – it can be. It is only natural that you will want to find the best solicitor for buying a house to look after your interests and ensure that the process is as slick and efficient as it can be. But where to start your search in 2020?

What Does A Property Solicitor Do?

Your solicitor is the person who manages your sale for you. This includes providing legal advice, dealing with the Land Registry and collecting monies. They will also review your contracts and deal with the seller’s solicitor. 

What To Look For In A Solicitor For Buying A House

It can be tempting to simply go for the cheapest quote when searching for a solicitor – particularly when you are already spending such a large amount of money on your house. Or, conversely, with the ‘you get what you pay for’ worry, going for the most expensive. However, there are far more things to consider than just money. Here are some of them:

  • Up Front Fees

Regardless of price, it is vital that you choose a solicitor who is up front about their costs. A fixed-fee service is worth going for – this means that there will be no added costs further down the line. Ask what their fees are, and if they can’t give you a straight answer then consider instructing somebody else.

  • Reviews And Recommendations

As with any service, finding out what friends, family or even strangers thought is a good way of learning whether the solicitor will be helpful. You can find reviews online, and ask around too – particularly if you will be using a local solicitor.

  • Availability

This is very important. While it may be tempting to go for a solicitor who is extremely busy, because this shows that they have lots of clients, it can become extremely frustrating when you are not able to get hold of someone. Instead, pick someone who answers your initial emails or returns initial calls swiftly and professionally (while also keeping your expectations reasonable).

  • Personal Preference

Everyone is different, and trust is a huge part of a solicitor/client relationship. Choosing someone that you get a good feeling from, and who you believe will handle your purchase professionally, counts for a lot.

Finding The Best Solicitor For Buying A House In Staffordshire And Cheshire

At Beeston Shenton, our dedicated property law team are highly experienced in the sale and purchase of property, and we understand the pressures and stress that such a big event can bring. We can manage the sale and guide you through the process, using state of the art systems to ensure that you can be in your new home as soon as possible. Get in touch today!