The Divorce process can obviously be a very stressful time for all of the parties involved, not to mention the heartache and suspense.

While in some circumstances, it may seem difficult to do – especially if it’s a messy divorce – being amicable during the process can save both parties a huge amount of money and reduce the emotional strain of having to fight it out.

We’ve put together some tips to help to improve the process.

Get Legal Advice at an Early Stage

If both parties know where they stand legally, then the chances of them reaching an out-of-court settlement should be increased. This will save money, time and trips to court.


This is now a compulsory element of running a dispute through a divorce. Mediation involves getting both parties together, often in separate rooms, overseen by a mediator. Their aim is reach a settlement so the costs of a court hearing do not negatively affect both parties.

Placing the needs of the Children first

The court will always consider the best interests of the children when deciding on matters following a divorce. Any agreement between the parties on this basis will have to be approved by the court and if a judge feels the children’s best interests are not served by such an agreement, they will not approve the order.

Stay Reasonable and amicable throughout

This may seem like a daft point especially if the parties are going through a messy divorce. However, that if parties stay amicable and reasonable during the process they are far more likely to reach an agreement without racking up huge legal costs.

Be up front and truthful

Both parties need to be truthful about what items they own and their assets. By not doing this, neither party will trust the other and may run cases all the way to court believing that the other has more than they are claiming.

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